I’m “Famous”!


Popped into Jubilee Crescent Library today and spied a familiar face on the What’s on board… who might that be?

Oh, it’s me!! I’m famous!! Well if you live around here at least. 🙂



Blue Peter

Blue Peter (4)

Never have i been more surprised than finding Lindsey Russell of Blue Peter at my local library!

Mummy and Daddy had told me that my library wanted me to film a short video about my book challenge and why people should visit the library, i was super excited to share my story and i love encouraging people to use the library- it’s a place i go to every day!

Mummy asked me to put on something nice so i chose my favourite warm jumper and my best boots! I also chose to wear my favourite necklace- it’s a scrabble letter ‘M’.

When we arrived someone i didn’t know came out to talk to my parents, it was very hush hush and i didn’t know what was going on. The same person put a pack on my side and wire for a mic- i’ve never one one of those before!

As i walked into the library, i was manoeuvred to the children’s area where Lindsey was waiting for me!! I was so shocked i could barely speak. The most i seemed to get out was ‘yeah’!

I love Lindsey, she’s so cool and i have to admit i was completely star struck!

She asked me questions about my challenge and why i’d decided to do, how long it took me and what kinds of books i liked to read. She then asked me what i planned to do next and obviously i told her all about the book i was writing. She asked if it would take me another 10 months and i said i thought i would do it in less time than that!

Lindsey was really friendly and so were the camera crew, we chatted for ages and took lots of photographs. It was lots of fun and Lindsey invited me to go back on Blue Peter when i finished my book!

Best of all i earned my first Blue Peter badge!

Blue Peter (3)


Hello everyone,12188986_10156382808930105_4147014586314580649_n

Welcome to my blog. This is a place where i want to explore my love of books, the authors that write them and to document my own literary journey.

I suppose that i should really introduce myself if i want you to join me on this adventure.

I am Megan Nicholson. Going into this blog i am 7 years old and my Mummy will be helping me put together my thoughts. I love reading, books, authors and book events. I am a huge advocate of reading for pleasure and encouraging people, especially children to read from an early age.

Feel free to ask me about books i am currently reading or share what you are enjoying.

I hope that you enjoy my blog.

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