Creating Big City, Small Monster


The life of an author ay?! Lots of bits of paper with ideas scrawled on them and the finished product.

I really enjoyed writing Big City, Small Monster. I wanted to capture a tale of trying to follow the crowd and learning that you can be comfortable in your own skin.

Big City Small Monster 1

This is Squirt. Squirt wants to be like all the other monsters but soon comes to realise that actually he should just enjoy being himself.


I created this book over about a month and a half. I started with brainstorming- lots of brainstorming and then started refining my ideas. I stumbled up the rhyming theme of the book and felt that it fit really well.

I learnt to use photoshop to create my imagery. I started by sketching out my ideas, then drawing them neater and scanning them into the computer. From there i used photoshop to colour them like i would with pencil crayons but instead of pencils i used a mouse!

My favourite tool was the magic wand! It helps keep all the colours where they needed to be.

I created this book for Reading Zone’s Picture Book Competition 2016, this year is being judged by Mick Inkpen (author of Kipper)- i hope they like it!