The Summer Reading Challenge- The Big Friendly Read

It can never be said that i don’t find some of the most unusual places to get comfortable to read in.

I’m taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge again this year and i plan to only read Roald Dahl’s books.

This is my break time in between class- it’s a hard life!


CBBC Awesome Authors

Today i went to Awesome Authors in Birmingham. There were lots of cool activities to do and most CBBC shows had their own stage. Many wonderful authors and illustrators were at the event.


I’d been to Birmingham a few days before when i visited the Sealife Centre there and saw a big sign for the event- i’d booked my tickets well in advance but i took a photograph to share with my friends.


I wore all my Blue Peter badges- Blue, Silver, Green, Purple and Sport! I picked a colourful jumpsuit and festival headband. I was ready to rock and read!

The first person i stumbled across was the best dressed man in television, Ben Shires. Mummy loves him, she thinks his style is cool! He was really nice and he gave me his autograph. We talked about his Tiepin Tuesday posts on Instagram- Mummy always likes to see what new pins he has and he showed me the one he was wearing that day, it was an ammonite. I was wearing one too!! I love Palaeontology and he said he thought for sure he’d be the only wearing one…. enter me!

Alex T Smith was there, he’s from Coventry too. He’s the writer of the Claude books. Jacqueline Wilson was there and had a huuuuuge entourage! I managed to sit in on a talk with Jeremy Strong- he was very funny! David O’Doherty was there to talk about Danger being everywhere.. “Oh no, he’s crushing the hipster!”


This is me with my Daddy trying to see the stage- there were a lot of people there and it was sometimes hard to see! Blue Peter were about to be on and i didn’t want to miss a second of them live- i love Blue Peter!!


While we were waiting, Radzi came out to sign people’s autograph books. He recognised me straight away, he was so friendly and chatted to me about reading, my challenge and appearing on Blue Peter. He got everyone in the crowd to cheer for me- that was pretty cool!

I enjoyed watching Blue Peter live, it was interesting to see them actually film the show in front of us. They filmed in two half hours sections, luckily i managed to catch both of them sandwiched around seeing Jeremy Strong. One of the records went out one day and then the second the next.

For the second recording i managed to get right to the front of the crowd and i had the beessssst view!


It was a great event and i really enjoyed it, i hope they make it an annual event because i would go every year!

They encouraged us to bring books with us for a book swap but nobody swapped with me so i decided to re-read the book while i waited for things on the stage.