The Honesty Library

I visited West Orchards Shopping Centre today with my Mummy and Grandma- here i am enjoying the Honesty Library.

For those that don’t know, an Honesty Library is some where you can donate books to, exchange old books for new books or leave a donation to take a book. I think it’s a fantastic idea and i love that there is one currently in my city.

Not only do parents get to teach their children about being honest- you can only take a book (or you should only take a book) if you have donated another book or money for their charity- this one is for Zoe’s Place. As well as showing them that charity begins at home. They also get to show them a whole heap of cool books that people and places have offered for the Honesty Library.


I donated some books i have duplicates of and emptied out my piggy bank.

While i was there The Book Master interviewed me to find out what my favourite book was- i know right, how do i answer that question!? He’s there to offer advice to children on what kind of books they might like to take home. The Book Master was super nice and we talked for ages- i’m sure by now you all know that i could talk about books for hours!

Giving is just as important as receiving

West Orchards Shopping Centre is running a campaign encouraging people to read more, #readfor15 aims at getting people to read for at least 15 minutes a day.

They have had an honesty library- which i love and i emptied my piggy bank for Zoe’s Place so that i could take home some books. Not to mention donating a few duplicates i had on my shelves to add to the honesty library.

megan donating books

If you are in Coventry why not visit West Orchards Shopping Centre and take a look for yourselves.