Reviewing Shadow House: The Gathering

I was really dubious about reading Shadow House- The Gathering, i honestly thought it wasn’t my kind of book.. little did i know that i’m a bit of an odd ball with a taste for the weird and the creepy! Who knew!?

I thought it was incredibly good, like i said it was creepy but in satisfying and edge of your seat kind of way. I just couldn’t put it down!

I read it in one sitting and there is an app that you can get to accompany it so the story keeps on going!

Plus there are more in the series according to the author, who i had to seek out because i wanted/ needed to read more!

It’s hard to choose a favourite part so i’ve thought of a few to whet your appetite:   Marcus sees a sphere with a handle so he turns it and 8 balls roll out to spell ‘lets play’- Eurgh goosebumps!

Dash and Dylan find a boy at the bottom of some stairs with a rabbit mask on and a lollipop in his hand… creepy!

Poppy finds a picture of a girl holding a doll but her eyes have been scratched out- weird!

I’ve never really read ‘scary’ books before but i thoroughly enjoyed this one (and it wasn’t actually scary..), i can’t wait to find out what all the weird things they saw actually mean. 🙂

Thank you to Scholastic for my copy of this book.


Reviewing Prankenstein on Tour

Prankenstein returns in this hilarious book. Soapy’s Dad wins a cruise around the world but that’s when all the new mayhem begins!!

A clever and witty tale featuring dastardly pirates who take people hostage and start demanding wads of cash, Soapy can’t just stand by and let this happen but can he really let Prankenstein loose?! Anything and i mean anything  can happen when he’s set free!

A laugh out loud book that will have you rolling around in fits of giggles.

Thank you to Fat Fox Books Ltd and Toppsta for my copy of this book.


Reviewing Stone Girl Bone Girl

I am a big fan of Mary Anning, she is my absolute hero!

Mary was a palaeontologist during the nineteenth century although of course when she started out she didn’t know that was what she was doing!

I thought this was a sweet book about Mary although not the best book i’ve found about her, i enjoyed the tale and the illustrations, it was nice to read at bed time but not hugely factual or informative.

This is probably a good book to start with as an introduction if you are learning about Mary Anning or fossils that doesn’t delve too deeply into her life or you are looking for a nice story to read.


Reviewing Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary

Personally as a huge Roald Dahl fan i was desperate to get my hands on this ‘Dahl’ightful dictionary!

I love gobblefunk, that’s the language that Dahl used to add to his stories.

This dictionary, like regular ones gives explanations and examples of words we use everyday… but unlike regular boring dictionaries this gives examples of the words as they were used in Roald Dahl’s books and the gobblefunk words plus explanations.

Set out like a regular dictionary, this book is super easy to follow and use, the collator of the book has also thrown in examples of ‘gobblefunking with words’ in the form of onomatopoeia words, tongue twisters, pitch and adding extra syllables to create your own ‘Dahl’ icious words!

It is a great book for Roald Dahl fans young and old, i highly recommend getting your hands on a copy! 🙂