Reviewing How to Catch a Witch

How to Catch a Witch was an exciting read.

Charlie feels like lots of weird things are happening when she moves to a small country village, nothing feels right and everyone is just a bit.. weird!

Soon her stammer begins to resurface and she thinks it’s all down to the peculiar goings on about the village but she must learn that not everything is caused by the freaky shenanigans of the the village folk. It is part of who she is.

As the story goes on, she meets the witch Agatha who helps to explain just what has been going on. 

It was a great read, interesting and cleverly written. I’m absolutely looking forward to ‘How to trap a Wolf.’ 


Reviewing The Magic Faraway Tree

The Magic Faraway Tree is simply magical.

It’s about how Joe, Beth and Frannie take their cousin Rick on an exciting adventure to the Faraway tree where they are met by new friends and distant places, of all which are dripping in magic!

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and i can’t wait to read the next in the series and more of Enid Blyton’s wonderful creation,  I have completely fallen in love with her style of writing and can’t wait to see what else she has in store for me.


Reviewing Dave Pigeon

Author Swapna Heddow ran a competition on Twitter which i was lucky enough to win.

It was super exciting to know that Swapna, author of the Dave Pigeon books would be sending me something special in the post.

Here is what happened just after my special parcel arrived.



I really wanted to take my time opening the box because it was much bigger than i expected!


Here’s the moment i uncovered the Dave Pigeon chocolate filled bauble! It was incredible! So many chocolates!


Here’s the moment i found my copy of Dave Pigeon, i couldn’t wait to read it!


Wow! Thank you Swapna, what an amazing package!!

I started reading straight after this picture, read what i thought below.

Utterly hilarious! I loved reading this book- it was so genuinely funny!

I love Sheena’s illustrations, they really bring the story to life.

Dave and Skipper get up to so much mischief, misadventure with their hair brained plans, it really is a giggle a minute!!

I can’t wait for the second one…

Reviewing How to Update your Parents

This was a brilliant book!

It’s a tale about Louis and how his parents take away all their electronic devices because his little brother can’t concentrate at school- i know, madness right?!

He and his little brother work as a team to get the ban lifted and work out what their parents secrecy has all been about- their discovery is shocking!!

I found this book exciting, maddening at times and absolutely hilarious! The back cover didn’t lie- i couldn’t stop laughing!

This book is in diary form so if you got on with ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ or ‘The Dork Diaries’, then this book is a must for you. Funny like Jeremy Strong or David O’Doherty, this book offers up the laughs too- i urge you to give it a read.

Thank you to Award Publications Ltd and Toppsta for my copy of this book.


Making use of Non-Fiction

Do you remember my review on Highest Mountain, Deepest Ocean? Yes? Good.

I’ve been really taken with how stunning it’s illustrations are, i just can’t stop myself delving more and more into each page!

Last year i did a project on Mary Anning the Palaeontologist- my absolute hero and there is a wonderful spread on dinosaurs in the book so i’ve been getting to grips with the ancient giants for history using this stunning resource.