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One Education ran a competition recently to write a blog about why ‘we’ love reading. I thought it sounded like a great theme for a blog and got to work straight away.

I was privileged to be on the shortlist!

You can read my Blog below: west orchards 4

Why i love Reading

by Megan Grace Nicholson

Age 9

It’s a good question, why do i love reading? I think it’s best to break that question down because there’s more to reading than just picking up a book and reading some words on a page!

Starting a book:

When I start a new book i feel like i have entered a completely different world which means adventure, mystery and excitement throughout. I am transported to different places and make new friends along the way. A good writer makes you forget about the real world and makes you feel like you’re part of the furniture- that is to say that their welcome embrace makes you feel right at home.

A new book is a gateway between my world and the land of the author’s brain- what a weird and wacky place that is!

Today i could be swimming with mermaids (The Tail of Emily Windsnap), Sleuthing with detectives (Sherlock Holmes and the disappearing diamond) or attending a magical school (Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone).

But tomorrow i could be a super spy (Alex Rider Point Blanc), in a Refugee Camp (The Bone Sparrow) or facing the Dreamsnatcher (The Dreamsnatcher).

A new book is a gateway between my world and the land of the author’s brainwhat a weird and wacky place that is!”

west orchards 5

Finishing a book:

I feel depressed when i finish a book, fellow book folk will understand that inevitable deflation upon completing a book. No matter how long you’ve been reading it, whether it be a few hours, a day or a week, you have invested yourself in this world and this world has completely enveloped you.

When it ends you’re forced to say goodbye to the characters you’ve come to know, support and admire. That really does make an impact and i question “What am i going to do now?” but thankfully that can be easily rectified by delving into another book and getting completely swept up in another world, another life.

I get to travel the world, time and the universe. I am not a bookworm, i am a book traveler- a book hitch hiker and i get to visit all the places people have ever dreamed of.

I am not a bookworm, i am a book traveller- a book hitch hiker and i get to visit all the places people have ever dreamed of.”

I am NOT a bookworm:

People who love books are usually referred to as a bookworm, i am NOT a bookworm- i am a book traveller! I don’t slither through a book- i pack a suitcase, put on my sunscreen and grab a coat! (Well i never know what the weather is going to be!)

I hitch-hike my way through books! I catch a ride through the prologue and make my journey through the chapters.

I don’t slither through a book- i pack a suitcase, put on my sunscreen and grab a coat!”

megan grace nicholson book club

Where it all started:

My Mummy was reading stories to me even when i was in her belly, she read to me every day after i was born and by the time i was one i was reading on my own! (Yes, REALLY.)

She would practice phonics with me everywhere, anywhere and all the time. She was helping other children to read at primary schools so all those techniques transferred back home.

There’s even a video of me at one reading on my own! How amazing is that!?

I honestly think that if my Mummy hadn’t read to me every night i probably wouldn’t have read at the early age i did and probably wouldn’t be as besotted with books as i am now.

By the time i was in Nursery i was the only child in my class reading and i enjoyed reading to the other children in the class and helping them to read. I love helping people discover their love of reading.

By the time i was in Reception i was able to take a variety of books home as my teacher knew i would read them all! Not to mention i was starting to build up a rather healthy library of my own!

My Reading Challenge:

When i was 5 years old i challenged myself to read a book every day for a year (365 books in 365 days) but i was greedy for stories and read 365 books in just 10 months!

I read every day. I never get bored of going on new adventures! When i near the end of the book, i start eyeing up the rest of the series!

Now i have started writing my own books as there are worlds forming inside my head that i want to share with other book travellers.

I recently started my reading challenge again but this time i want to read double the amount of books from my last challenge! I’ve read far more books in a year than the challenges i set myself but this is a nice guide to work by, there are so many fantastic authors and so many amazing books out there- i have to read them all!

There’s even a video of me at one reading on my own! How amazing is that!?”

My life at the Library:14424797_10157688406645105_7967357500714678513_o

My local library played a big part in my reading challenge and my love of reading in general.

I got my first library card when i was about 2 year old and i’ve been borrowing books from there ever since. They have a limit of only 20 books per card- i have to go back a lot!

All the Librarians know my name and always ask me what i’m reading at the moment. There’s nothing like visiting your local library and talking about books with other people who appreciate books!

12957468_10157003579805105_554080046544406293_oI’m actually part of the library’s book club where we meet up every month to borrow and discuss books.

I wouldn’t be without my library, i go there frequently as it’s part of my weekly routine, so i don’t know who i’d be without it!

All the Librarians know my name and always ask me what i’m reading at the moment.”

Writing my own books:

I started writing my own books when i was six years old, i planned to write a short story (500 words) but quickly found that i had more to say. I finished my first book in just 4 months- i don’t think that’s too bad for a 6 year old!

That story is only the beginning as i’m currently writing the second and third book in the series.

I’ve even had a go at creating my own picture book- Big City, Small Monster which i illustrated myself too!

I really enjoy reading and writing books, i don’t think that will ever change.

That story is only the beginning as i’m currently writing the second and third book in the series.”

I hope that this blog has inspired you, either to read to your children more often or if like me, you love books, to pack your suit case and take a journey by delving into another great story!

Don’t forget, we are NOT bookworms- we are book travellers! Go and grab your coat quick, another adventure awaits!

See you there.

Megan x



Reviewing The Night Spinner

I’ll start off by saying that this is the third and final book in this trilogy by Abi Elphinstone- the first is The Dreamsnatcher, followed by The Shadow Keeper.

The book obviously has strong ties to the previous books as the story is ongoing but i believe that you can read the books as stand alone stories if you wish.

If you haven’t read them, i really suggest that you do- although this is the first in the series that i have read i’ve been told that they wont disappoint!

This book is full of adventure and so much bravery!

Every page is dripping with excitement and every chapter is simply thrilling, i’ve been on the edge of my seat reading it!

The story carries a fast pace and while i’m sure younger readers may find it’s 300 odd pages a hard slog, it’s sheer excitement had me reading as fast as i could. I was entirely swept up in the story and couldn’t put it down.

Thank you to Simon and Schuster UK and Toppsta for my copy of this book.


Reviewing Spynosaur Vs Goldenclaw

I really enjoyed this book.

Spies, Dinosaurs and action- what more could you ask for?!

This laugh out loud book had me in fits of giggles, i couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting!

The cartoon illustrations are a perfect accompaniment to the story, i really enjoy books with a few comic strips thrown in- i really felt they brought the action straight off the page!

If you’re looking for a good laugh and a fun read- this is it!

Thank you to Stripes Publishing and Toppsta for my copy of this book.


Reviewing Middle School: Get me Out of Here!

So funny!!

I am absolutely in love with the Middle School series and Rafe’s frankly unfortunate adventures!

I found this book really amusing and enjoyed finding out more about Rafe, his family and what he’s currently up to- i’d previously read Middle School Hollywood 101 which is equally as good.

This book is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone book.

Thank you to Arrow and Toppsta for my copy of this book.


Reviewing The Demon Headmaster

I’d never heard of The Demon Headmaster until last week when me and my Mummy sat looking at old TV intros to kids programs, she told me all about this tv series that she used to watch and showed me the introduction to it- i thought it looked really cool and creepy so i looked it up to see if it was a book first, which of course it was!!

The whole book has a really eerie feel to it, you’re thrown in to the story when Dinah first joins the Hunter household where she suddenly has two brothers to contend with but that isn’t the only hurdle she has to overcome- something is very wrong, very very wrong at the school she now has to attend, there is something unsettling about the children and something off about the headteacher- he is most definitely not a marvellous man and it is NOT the best school she has been to no matter what she keeps saying!

I really enjoyed reading it and i’m heading to the library to look for the next one.


Reviewing How the Weather Works: A Hands On Guide to Our Changing Skies and Climates

I really enjoyed reading this book, i thoroughly liked it’s bitesize sections of information- it makes finding out the facts much simpler and easier to identify.

The book was really interesting, every page was slightly different from the last with bits to pull out, parts that popped up or flaps to open!

Brilliant for younger readers wanting to learn a bit about how weather works or great for older readers wanting to recap on what they already know in a fun and unique way.


Reviewing The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop

I couldn’t wait to read this book!

I love Clare Balding and i watched an interview she did on the book before it’s release which just made me want to read it even more!!

The story was a superb, i gelled with the characters straight away- i was with them through all their ups and downs, their downfalls and triumphs.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ride, there is such a lovely transformation in Charlie’s brothers and Noble Warrior!

I’m looking forward to the next book!