Reviewing #Help! My Cat’s a Vlogging Superstar

A very current account of life for pre-teen/ teenagers today, the struggles with how much of their life to share on social media and how easy it is to neglect your life around you when you live your life through a screen.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which is really surprising as i wasn’t sold on the front cover or the blurb- probably because it is aimed at and features older children than me.

However i completely fell in love with Millie and her story. I would happily read and reread this book again.

The importance with a central character is that they aren’t perfect, otherwise they have no depth and Millie is a very flawed character (she’s not always likeable) who thankfully starts to see that not everything she thinks is bad or wrong actually is, sometimes other people have things going on that you just don’t see and accepts the changes that are happening in her life.

Teenage life is not an easy road, life in general has it’s ups and downs and i feel that this story shows that in a very real, modern way.

I really enjoyed the story, i felt Millie’s growth as a character and i completely feel for Lauren who as a sub plot was really going through the ringer at home.

There is a lot of reality in this book but still plenty of humour too. I didn’t feel out of place reading a book intended for older readers, i read a lot of stories for other age groups and felt there was no content i shouldn’t be allowed to read in this story, nothing went over my head and i engaged with the story well emotionally.

This was the first book i’ve read that featured a kiss though and i thought that it was described very sensitively for the age.

Five stars. Top read.


Reading Zone’s Picture Book Competition- making my book

I’m finally at the making stage of my book for Reading Zone’s Picture Book competition. It’s been so a long road but i can’t believe that i’m nearly at the end.

I went to Staples- now Office Outlet to print out my pages. The copier was having a hard time printing them out properly, i think that the loading area was off centre!

The assistant behind the desk ended up taking my USB and doing them directly from there. They all ended up with a slight border round them which i’m having to cut off- a small price to pay for having them printed central!


It’s been lots of fun cutting out all the pages- although i’m left handed so this can sometimes be a bit of a chore!


It took me a couple of days to get everything cut out and stuck together but it was well worth it! I think it looks brilliant now that it’s all put together. 🙂


If i don’t win the competition- i’m in it for the experience really so it doesn’t matter if i don’t, do you think i should try and publish my book instead? Would you buy it?

Reviewing Create your own Superhero

This book arrived this morning and i haven’t put it down yet! It’s really interactive, you can draw and colour and create inside the book which is a lot of fun.

Create your own Superhero Epic is also very funny and i’ve been laughing as i’ve doodled away!

The only thing i have not been able to do is rip/ tear or poke holes in the book like it asks you to… i just can’t do that to a book!

So far the computer pages have been my favourite!


Reviewing Erica’s Elephant

Another amazing partnership by Sylvia Bishop and Ashley King- although it preceded The Bookshop Girl in terms of release i read it after and as a result of reading The Bookshop Girl.

It’s a fun and hilarious book that i feel could be read by a variety of ages, there’s something very satisfying about your protagonist being sent an elephant as a gift!!


Reviewing The Bookshop Girl

If i could give this book more than 5 stars i absolutely would!!

I was completely engrossed in The Bookshop Girl and just couldn’t put it down.

I think that Sylvia Bishop is marvellous because book lovers everywhere will appreciate the idea of not only living in a book store but living in the MOST AMAZING book store!

The Emporium is the most incredible place- with rooms suspended by complicated system of ropes and chains.

Property is very likeable and her struggle to read is very real.

The story was fabulous to read and i thoroughly enjoyed the journey.


The illustrations are STUNNING! I absolutely adore them, it was the imagery that lead me to the book in the first place- the image of this lovely girl surrounded by all of those books and of course her cat- that instantly struck a cord with me.

I would love to continue reading about Property and her family and of course the Emporium.

I found this book an easy, gentle read and i just didn’t want to put it down! 

I would also like to give a shout out to author Sylvia Bishop and illustrator Ashley King who i think make a fantastic team, if you enjoyed this book try Erica’s Elephant too. 

I feel that The Bookshop Girl will become a security blanket of a book, something i will comfortably return to over and over again.


Thank you to Scholastic and Toppsta for my copy of this book.

Reviewing Women in Science- 50 fearless pioneers- who changed the world

I ADORE this book. It is so refreshing, humbling and empowering to find a book that focuses entirely on the scientific achievements of women.

This book features 50 amazing, inspiring and awesome women throughout the ages and how their discoveries made vital contributions to or revitalised scientific thinking!

I couldn’t put it down and read it all in one go, i’ve re-read it twice since!