Reviewing #Help! My Cat’s a Vlogging Superstar

A very current account of life for pre-teen/ teenagers today, the struggles with how much of their life to share on social media and how easy it is to neglect your life around you when you live your life through a screen.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which is really surprising as i wasn’t sold on the front cover or the blurb- probably because it is aimed at and features older children than me.

However i completely fell in love with Millie and her story. I would happily read and reread this book again.

The importance with a central character is that they aren’t perfect, otherwise they have no depth and Millie is a very flawed character (she’s not always likeable) who thankfully starts to see that not everything she thinks is bad or wrong actually is, sometimes other people have things going on that you just don’t see and accepts the changes that are happening in her life.

Teenage life is not an easy road, life in general has it’s ups and downs and i feel that this story shows that in a very real, modern way.

I really enjoyed the story, i felt Millie’s growth as a character and i completely feel for Lauren who as a sub plot was really going through the ringer at home.

There is a lot of reality in this book but still plenty of humour too. I didn’t feel out of place reading a book intended for older readers, i read a lot of stories for other age groups and felt there was no content i shouldn’t be allowed to read in this story, nothing went over my head and i engaged with the story well emotionally.

This was the first book i’ve read that featured a kiss though and i thought that it was described very sensitively for the age.

Five stars. Top read.


Author: munchkinmegan

Megan is a prolific reader, having been reading since she was just 1 years old, Megan is never without a book in her hand or her heart. At just 5 years old Megan challenged herself to read 365 books in a year but finished in just 10 months! She has always been keen to grow her library at home and is a frequent visitor to our local library. Megan may have read 365 books in 10 months when she was a pipsqueak 5 year old but she was reading every day before that and every day since! We estimate that she is well over the 2000 book mark and nothing is slowing her down yet! She is a keen supporter of literacy and authors alike. Now she is older she hopes to give her reading challenge a boost by reading at least twice as many books in a year. Megan generally reads several times a day and as her parents we are read out a lot of passages from books!! :-) Megan is a keen reviewer and has decided to share her journey through books with other book minded people. She is also a member of a chatterbooks group where she is given a book (or 3) to read and review for the next gathering. She is confident in her approach to what she has read, what she likes and dislikes, and she has no problem expressing those feelings with other booklovers.

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