Reviewing Ned’s Circus of Marvels: The Gold Thief

About this book

From the author of bestselling debut NED’S CIRCUS OF MARVELS… Roll up, roll up, and prepare to be AMAZED AGAIN by Ned and the marvellous, magical, monstrous flying circus!

Ned and his family are trying to be ordinary except for the small fact that they AREN’T. AT ALL. Because on the run up to Christmas everything is ruined when all the world’s gold goes missing, along with its leading scientists. Which doesn’t really have anything to do with Ned… until it does. When an oily thief and his pet monster turn up at Ned’s door, Ned finds himself on the run again… and racing to find out what this new villain wants.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, a machine with a mind of its own vies for power, and mysterious men in grey suits are watching the Circus of Marvels’ every move. Together with his best friend Lucy, his clockwork mouse and his shadow, Ned must use his growing magical powers to try to uncover a secret that could end them all…

Author: Justin Fisher

Publisher: Harper Collins


I have NOT been able to put this book down, it gripped me from the very beginning and i have only one very real regret: I did not read the first book in the series.

This book references the first, which of course it would and obviously without reading it i struggled with it’s links back to its predecessor.

I am certainly thoroughly enjoying this instalment though.

When Ned and his family are trying to fit in something goes seriously awry, this leads to a bevy of mystery, suspense and a touch of magic!

Top read!


Reviewing Mission Alert: Island X

About this book

Orphaned when their spy parents were killed during an operation, Tom and Zilla are normally cooped up at boarding school. But when the only way to get at a target is by using a child, MI5 bring them in to help. Mission Alert tells the story of some of their adventures; the brother and sister spy duo must dig deep to survive!

Bloomsbury High Low books encourage and support reading practice by providing gripping, age-appropriate stories for struggling and reluctant readers, those with dyslexia, or those with English as an additional language. Printed on tinted paper and with a dyslexia friendly font, Mission Alert is aimed at readers aged 8+ and has a manageable length (72 pages) and reading age (7+). This collection of stories can be read in any order.

Produced in association with reading experts at CatchUp, a charity which aims to address underachievement caused by literacy and numeracy difficulties

Author: Benjamin Hulme-Cross

Publisher: Bloomsbury


I thought that this was a good book, it was a nice easy read and didn’t take long at all to get through- perfect for a quick read in the car or just before dinner.

I really liked that the book was dyslexia friendly, printed on tinted paper. I am not dyslexic but my uncle is and when he was younger there were no books like this at all so i was really pleased to see a book that had taken other readers into account.

I’m looking forward to sharing it with him.

I thought the story was engaging, short yes but definitely interesting.


Reviewing Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World

I can’t express how much i adore this book.

Not only is it beautifully illustrated but it is so genuinely refreshing, humbling and empowering to find a book that focuses entirely on the achievements of women and how they changed the world.

Filled with astounding, amazing, inspiring and awesome women throughout the ages and how their discoveries, their adventures and their determination made contributions to completely revitalise the world as it was known.

I couldn’t put it down, in fact when i do put it down i found myself picking it back up and looking through it again.

Highly recommended, best paired with Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers who changed the world.




Look who’s in here: my hero, the one and only, Mary Anning. 🙂

Reviewing The Folk of the Faraway Tree (Gift Edition)

I loved this book so much that i put off finishing it, i had one chapter left and i just didn’t want it to end.  I can honestly say i completely fell in love with this book!

This is another adventure about the Faraway tree and it truly doesn’t disappoint.

My favourite character is Moonface as he’s super kind and i love Frannie- she’s so brave!

I don’t think any child should be without Enid Blyton.

She will continue to be a permanent fixture on my book shelf and in my heart.

I would just like to say that there are 5 errors in the book that i counted which were simply missed spaces but that they do not affect the enjoyment of the story.


Interviewing illustrator Ashley King

Recently i have been filming vlogs and i was not only lucky enough to meet illustrator Ashley King but also interview him for one of these vlogs.

Ashley is the illustrator of The Bookshop Girl and Erica’s Elephant. He studied at Coventry University and he is probably one of the nicest, genuinely, nicest people you could ever talk to. He also knows a thing or two about other books so he’s awesome to chat to.

megan and ashley

Ashley is a superb illustrator, his whimsical but heart felt images are beautiful and a real gem in any book! I look forward to following a long career in children’s book illustration.

You can find the vlog of our meeting below:

Thank you to Ashley King and Waterstone’s Coventry for letting me film this vlog.

500 Words

I was really pleased to find out that my story made it through the first round of 500 words! What an incredible achievement!

I didn’t make it through to the top 50 but i’m so happy to be in the mix with the best 5000 that i don’t think it really matters, plus there is always next year!!


My 500 Word Entry: Night Terror 

My breath caught in my throat, i could hear it again. That raspy, shallow breathing. I knew it wasn’t my parents or my little brother- they had gone away for the night. I was all alone in the house.

I was completely frozen in fear, i could feel myself getting hotter beneath the covers and now i desperately needed to scratch my ankle but i couldn’t, daren’t move.

If i move, it might see me. It can’t see me under the covers… can it?

I’ve heard the breathing every night now for over a month but up until this moment i thought it had been my brother messing around. Not anymore.

I finally muster enough courage to shift my body, i flex my foot as if it were an involuntary movement in my sleep. It lands against something solid. I could feel something, someone sitting at the bottom of my bed. I couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

A wash of white heat radiated down my spine, i could hear it right beside my ear now and knew my gasp have moved it closer to my face. Was it watching me?

“Is that it? Is that all she wrote?”

Molly stared at the bottom of the bed expecting to see something, anything. She clung tightly to the old journal she had been reading.

A hand etched upwards between the wall and the mattress, it’s rotting fingers walking, inching their way towards Molly. It’s broken, chipped nails snagging on the fabric.

With an intense internal shiver Molly leapt from the bed causing the hand to retreat from whence it came.

“I’m not staying here!” Molly declared as if to whatever entity was occupying the room and threw the journal onto the bed before making a start for the door.

The journal dropped silently beneath the bed frame where the darkness consumed it.


I am NOT a bookworm Vlog

I visited Central Library in Coventry recently to initiate a augmented book review project spearheaded by James Cotton. The aim is to encourage children to watch recommendations for books by other children and try new books based on these suggestions.

I really hope it takes off as I think it’s a smashing idea!

If you attend a Coventry school you may be seeing my video soon to encourage you to take part in the project. 🙂

munchkin megan presents rehearsal

Central Library were kind enough to let me film a Vlog about reading and why i am NOT a bookworm.

I hope that you enjoy my vlog.