Lonely Planet Kids Moana Writing Competition

Lonely Planet Kids recently ran a writing competition inspired by Disney’s new film Moana. The theme was ADVENTURE!


I wrote about the first time i went on a rock climbing wall and i’m really pleased to say i was named a runner up. 🙂


Read my runner up entry below:
My Rocky Road by Megan Grace Nicholson

I felt my foot slip off a rock. I’m so scared i might fall but i keep trying. I reach for the next one and put one foot firmly against the rock face as i heave myself up. I’m a bit higher now but i dare not look down.

As i climb, i could feel the whole rope shake.

“This is ridiculous.” I think to myself, “I’m never going to make it to the top.”

My breath is heavy now and i can feel sweat dripping down my forehead. Both my arms and legs are working in unison. There are only a few rocks left now.

Suddenly everything starts to ache. I keep pushing myself despite the pain.

As i finally reach the top, i pull myself up and over the edge. I sit down with defiance. I press the buzzer and cry out “I made it!”

I glance down to the foot of the rock climbing wall. I can see Mummy and Daddy’s smiling faces before pushing off the wall and sailing down. I feel weightless as if i’m floating in the air.

My whole body is tingling with excitement. What a crazy adventure!

National Young Writers’ Awards

I recently entered Explore Learning‘s National Young Writers’ Awards writing competition.

This years theme is The Future. I thought it sounded like a great theme and decided to approach it from a unique angle.

I opted to write about an interplanetary explorer who visits a place called Kross Krone- a planet inhabited by upright alien cats who fell in love with 21st century Earth. That way i could compare their planet (Earth now) with the Earth my interplanetary explorer is from.

Read my story below:

Untitled by Megan Grace Nicholson

Space Craft- The Mae Jemison
Earth Date- 3017
Ship’s Log.

There have been 18 new planets similar to Earth discovered just outside our Solar System, well that’s if you’d call 39 light years away ‘just outside’.

In days gone by, travelling to these places seemed unattainable but over the last millennium advancements in Science have placed these planets within our reach.

I am Margaret Mackintosh, ‘Mac’ to my comrades and i am an interplanetary explorer.

Despite the convenience of teleportation, my crew and i are hurtling through space to Kross Krone, a planet inhabited solely by a species of upright alien cats. They forbid the use of teleportation.

The species, known as Kwarbles developed an obsession with Earth during the early 21st Century. Since then they have spent all their time and resources turning Kross Krone into a replica of our beloved planet a thousand years ago.

Where our planet was forced to create synthetic water after the population boom of 2361, their planet is still thriving from their own rivers and lakes. Where all our pavements have become eco turfs, they are happy to use paving slabs- it truly is a sight to behold! Kross Krone houses many livestock and crops, something that hasn’t been done on our land for years. Our meat is harvested from cloned animals, we only ever grow the parts we require as we are no longer a wasteful society. Our crop is much the same although growth is monitored entirely by machines, human like robots known as Ersatz.

Kwarbles scavenged all our old electronics such as PC computers because mankind had developed biotic systems that synced with our own electronic impulses. The cats type out words to send messages to each other, it’s simply archaic but fascinating! They travel in cars much like our own but without the use of smart roads to keep them the correct distance or speed, they control this.. themselves!

The people of Kross Krone fell in love with many of our native animals and have spent years helping them thrive on their own planet. Due to their vast oceans, only a fraction smaller than Earths, they have been able to rehouse many of the beloved sea creatures we believed to have died out years ago.

Although the Kwarbles dislike modern technology, this passion for Earth’s animals has lead them to request cloning technology for long since extinct creatures such as dinosaurs which they would propagate on their sister planet Pterodore.


Uncharted Territory. 2020

In deep space a lost probe has encountered a black hole.


N.A.S.A 2020

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Sir, there is a message coming through. Columbus II has picked up a radio signal”