“Hello and welcome to Munchkin Megan Presents, i’m your guide to all things books, awesome authors and inspirational illustrators. You can also follow me on my own literary journey as i start putting my own books out into the world.

Currently i am 10 years old, my favourite book at the moment (please be aware that this is subject to change) is Gaslight by the wonderful Eloise Williams. It’s a hard choice to pick one favourite book at a time but Gaslight struck a really cord with me so for now it is my favourite.

So that we can get more acquainted i have made a list of ten fun facts about me so that you can get to know me a little better.

1./ I love Llamas. I think they are the most beautiful creatures and they such gentle animals. I’ve been walking with Llamas in Dorset. I love Llama’s so much that they feature in my 2017 book ‘The Sandman and The Pyjama Farmer’ and my 2018 book ‘The Pyjama Farmer and the Llama Drama’. I have lots of things with Llamas on them; pyjamas, bedding, soft toys, note books..

2./ I am left handed. My Daddy is left handed too.

3./ My favourite colours are Mustard and Burgundy. When i was really little i liked pink and red. I even wanted a pink and red mini when i was older!

4./ I have the pleasure of being the human big sister of three beautiful pussy cats; Thackery, Jinx, Theodore (known more commonly as Teddy). Sadly Jinx passed away in 2014 and is sorely missed, you can find Jinx in my book ‘The Aurora Borealis in my Bedroom’.

5./ I have a ‘party trick’. I can make my eyes go crossed eyed and then move one independently back and forth. People think it looks weird but funny.

6./ My favourite place in the whole world is ‘down south’ and by that i mean Dorset. I love visiting West Bay, Bridport, Weymouth, Lyme Regis and Bournemouth. My favourite beach is in Weymouth.

7./ I love sea creatures. I enjoy visiting places like Sealife and the Oceanarium. I have been visiting Sealife for ten years! I like to see the animals, how the centres help and rescue animals and I’ve always wanted ‘adopt’ my favourite seal, Starburst. We play games with each other every time i visit- she’s a big fan of peek-a-boo! This year my parents surprised me with an adoption gift which I used to adopt the seals in Weymouth.

8./ I have 8 Blue Peter badges. I earnt my Blue badge for reading 365 books in 10 months, i earnt my Silver badge when i nominated my best friend for a badge and for sending in the Easter Bonnets we had made. I earnt the Purple badge when i reviewed the show and the Green badge for sending in a Green Book about all the things i did in my garden. I have earned 3 sports badges, one for encouraging people to try football, swimming and yoga. I was a runner up in Blue Peter’s 60th Birthday Big Balloon competition where I received a converted orange badge!!

9./ I’m superb energetic, i’m always being told to slow down and not rush about everywhere. I have a habit of sliding and spinning around on slippy floors- i can’t help it, it’s too tempting!

10./ I guess you could say that i’m a bit of a hippy. I certainly have a bohemian dress sense most of the time, i enjoy spending lots of time outside with nature and i’m quite laid back.

Well there you have it, 10 completely random and hopefully fun facts about me. The only thing you really need to know about me really is that i love books, i’m honest and i’ll give anything a go.”- Megan.


Megan is a prolific reader, having been reading since she was just 1 years oIMG_0317ld, Megan is never without a book in her hand or her heart.

At just 5 years old Megan challenged herself to read 365 books in a year but finished in just 10 months! She has always been keen to grow her library at home and is a frequent visitor to our local library.

Megan may have read 365 books in 10 months when she was a pipsqueak 5 year old but she was reading every day before that and every day since! We estimate that she is well over the 2500 book mark and nothing is slowing her down yet!

She is a keen supporter of literacy and authors alike. Now she is older she is probably reading a little less but more substantial literature.

Megan generally reads several times a day and as her parents we are read out a lot of passages from books!! 🙂 We love it though as we get to enjoy the experience together.

Books have no limits and what you read is your choice so Megan’s book selections and reviews cross age brackets and genres. Books provide freedom, adventure and community spirit.

Megan is a keen reviewer and has decided to share her journey through books with other book minded people.

She is also a member of a chatter-books group at our local Library where she is given a book (or 3) to read and review for the next gathering. She is confident in her approach to what she has read, what she likes and dislikes, and she has no problem expressing those feelings with other book-lovers.

Megan is also a keen writer and has already written a number of books. Megan finished writing her first book aged just 7 years old and she plans to continue writing until she joins all her fellow author peers on the shelves of bookstores and libraries.

When Megan isn’t reading she enjoys playing the piano, drawing, writing, baking and swimming.

We hope you enjoy her journey.

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