World Book Day

Happy Christmas to me!! Well it is World Book Day and in my house that’s like celebrating Christmas!

We look forward to it every year, we plan activities and clothes in advance, and it’s gone in the blink of an eye.


This year i’ve had a hard time choosing who i want to dress up as- i’ve read so many wonderful book this year!

In the end i opted for 4 different characters who i enjoyed reading about.

Above is Poppy/ Matilda from Shadow House.

Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


Lorelli from The Thornthwaite Inheritance.


And because i wont let gender dictate who i dress up as, Adam Meltzer from Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie.

Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show Day 2

We were invited to return to the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show on any day after the exhibition opened and as we enjoyed it so much the first time i decided to take my best friend Katie back the following Saturday.


I wanted to show her all the cool things i’d tried when i filmed the promo video, i knew she’d definitely enjoy them too!

We hit the Visit Wales display first where ‘Penguin’ showed us how to make a camp fire, he was very informative and friendly. He was such a nice guy that he let us borrow the microphone…. so i decided to interview Katie! Well, why not?


‘Penguin’ loved my interview with Katie so much, he let me interview him too! I asked him questions about the show and how many visitors they’d had.

After learning how we could survive in the wild, we decided to take a peek at the Lego caravan- yes a caravan built entirely out of Lego!! There were a lot of people viewing it too so we didn’t really manage to get a great look but we loved the Lego themed seats arranged near it.

Here’s a picture of me and Katie pretending to be Lego people:


I wish i could have brought one of these home- they’d look awesome in my garden!

Next we visited the stand for Crealy: My FAVOURITE place to visit on holiday! I love going to Crealy. I love the slides, the climbing walls, the animals, the lake, the tree houses, the bridges. I used to love the mini village but they took that out- i don’t know if they ever returned it.

I think the tree houses and bridges are my favourite…. but then again i love running around the big soft play area.


They have new lodges and a special meadow lands where you can stop at the park- that’s really cool and i would have booked there and then but i don’t earn money so i couldn’t!

The lodges have built in hot tubs in their decking- i’m just leaving this here for you to know.

If i didn’t live so far away i’d get an annual pass. A girl can dream.


Next, me and Katie decided it was time to pick the caravan we would buy. This was by far not an easy choice because all the newest and best caravans were on display. Did we want a campervan, a motorhome, a static caravan or a lodge?

After a while of going in and out of different caravans- of all shapes and sizes we finally got to the Willerby stand. FYI- our family favourite maker of caravans.


Willerby is running a lovely campaign at the moment, they’ve decided to help our friends the Willer-bees!!

They were giving away wild flower seeds to plant to encourage bees to come into the garden, which is good because the bee population has decreased over the years and this is bad- we NEED bees!


We found our perfect holiday home. It turns out that is Willerby’s Mulberry Lodge.


I loved everything about this lodge. The layout, the colour scheme. It was very elegant and sophisticated. It was beautiful and i didn’t actually want to leave it!

So… i didn’t. At least for a little bit.

Do you like our balloon model Willer-bees?!


We found the perfect spot to watch the dog agility- look at the view we have in here!




The Caravan Show NEC and meeting Barney Harwood

I was lucky enough to get to film a promo video for the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at the NEC in Birmingham this February.

Myself and ten other children got to try out the attractions, discovery areas and demonstrations before anybody else. It was so cool!


We had to be there super early when the NEC was empty of visitors which was actually really great- there weren’t a lot of people or a lot of noise!

I was super pleased to help film the promo video because i love Caravans. Like my Mummy, i’m a connoisseur of caravans! I really love them, i always look forward to seeing the new styles at the beginning of the year so i was thrilled to get a real first hand look.

megan caravan camp show

My favourite holiday home at the show was the Mulberry Lodge- it was stunning!

See the promo video below:

Not only did i get to film a video to promote the show, go an all the cool attractions before anyone else and have a total blast roaming the NEC, i also got to meet Barney Harwood!


That’s right. The man, the legend. Barney Harwood.

Obviously if you’ve followed my Blog or my Twitter you’ll know that i appeared on Blue Peter in 2015 after reading 365 books in 10 months aged just 5 years old. Back then Lindsey Russell came to Coventry to interview me. Last year i got to meet Radzi Chingyanganya- nicest guy ever! But meeting Barney, wow, i mean wow!! He’s basically the face of kids TV, my Mummy used to watch him, my Uncles used to watch him and now i watch him!

Megan Grace Nicholson Blue Peter Radzi Lindsey Barney

From Blue Peter to Bear Behaving Badly to Totally Doctor Who, Barney has been the face of CBBC for ages! It was a dream come true to meet him. 🙂


Best of all though is that Barney knew who i was! He KNEW me! I have never felt so star stuck and completely at ease with someone as i did meeting Barney.

He came into the room full of smiles, making sure to say hello to everyone and when he spotted me he said across the room “Hello Megan!”- A-MAZE-ING! He even took a selfie of us to send to Radzi!! If i could have been melting on the floor for excitement i would have been.

He came and chatted to us for ages before and after filming the promo, he was so nice to talk to and he really made sure to learn everyone’s names, talk to them the whole time and find out who they were. He was so awesome!




Harry Potter Book Night

I love Harry Potter Book Night don’t you?

It’s the perfect excuse to dig out your Harry Potter books and give them a re-read or if you’re like me and new to the series get started on book one and see where you end up!


This year my Mummy really went to town on the decorating and getting involved with the evening. She knew that i was using this evening to finally start the series and she wanted to give me a fully immersive experience.


My Hogwarts letter arrived this morning along with my owl and some potions!

Lots of letters flew out of my chimney- yes really. Mummy really got the letters to look like they were flying out of the fireplace!


Mummy dressed up as Professor McGonagall to take me and my best friend Katie to Harry Potter Book Night at our local library- that’s commitment!


Here we are at the Library ready to take part in their evening of activities. OK so we were the only people dressed up and there weren’t actually many decorations up- that’s funding cuts for you! People don’t understand how much we need and appreciate our libraries- that’s really sad.


I topped my night of with a pair of pretty cool Harry Potter jammies and Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone.



Blue Peter- 2 year anniversary

I can’t believe it has been 2 years since i appeared on Blue Peter! Where has that time gone?

Blue Peter (4)

It was amazing meeting Lindsey Russell and the film crew that came out to see me. They were all really nice and supportive of me.

They came to visit me at my local library to talk to me about my reading challenge. They asked me about the books i read, why i like reading and what i planned to do next.

It was completely surreal and i lost my voice for a second i was so surprised to see them. My Mummy had told me that i was filming something for my library so i had no idea that Blue Peter would be waiting for me.

It took about 2 and a half hours to film the segment. We filmed my answers and Lindsey’s questions and reactions, as well as shots of books and the library.

You can find a video of me of Blue Peter on my twitter account.

Blue Peter (3)

Roald Dahl Writing Competition

The Roald Dahl Foundation recently ran a competition looking for children to submit their best Revolting Rhymes based on a Roald Dahl character- i chose to write about The Grand High Witch.

Here are some of my brainstorms.



I thought that The Grand High Witch would be perfect to write about as there was a lot of material to work with.


Here i am with my finished rhyme.

Meeting Jeff Kinney in Blackpool

I can honestly say that there isn’t anything better than getting to meet the author of some of your favourite books, it’s an opportunity that i have never before experienced but my mission over the next few years is to meet, talk to and engage with some of the authors of my most treasured books.

When the opportunity to meet Jeff Kinney, author of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books came up i just couldn’t miss it and luckily my parents were keen to go too! 🙂

We live in Coventry and Jeff usually visits England once a year for an event like this so we jumped at the chance to see him. Jeff was going to be at Blackpool Tower in the ballroom to promote his new book Diary of a Wimpy Kid Double Down and what a superb event it was too!


I was so excited, i’d never been to Blackpool before let alone met one of my favourite authors. I made a special tshirt for the night, it said “The cheese touch” on the front with a picture of the cheese slice and “is just too much” on the back. I thought i looked awesome!


There were some awesome activities there; you could put your head in Greg’s place in the book and they were making mini Greg balloon models!! They were brilliant!

Not only that but Jeff walked us through his books, talking about how he and Greg were similar and showed us how he draws the cartoons that appear in the book. We even got goody bags at the end of the evening.


After the show had ended i joined the queue to have my book signed by Jeff himself, i didn’t fancy the hustle and bustle of trying to get near the front of the line so i was quite happy to hang back and just tag on the end- well someone has to be last!

Being last totally paid off though as i got to spend a little longer talking to Jeff, who loved my t-shirt by the way, so much so that he signed it for me!!! 😀



The Honesty Library

I visited West Orchards Shopping Centre today with my Mummy and Grandma- here i am enjoying the Honesty Library.

For those that don’t know, an Honesty Library is some where you can donate books to, exchange old books for new books or leave a donation to take a book. I think it’s a fantastic idea and i love that there is one currently in my city.

Not only do parents get to teach their children about being honest- you can only take a book (or you should only take a book) if you have donated another book or money for their charity- this one is for Zoe’s Place. As well as showing them that charity begins at home. They also get to show them a whole heap of cool books that people and places have offered for the Honesty Library.


I donated some books i have duplicates of and emptied out my piggy bank.

While i was there The Book Master interviewed me to find out what my favourite book was- i know right, how do i answer that question!? He’s there to offer advice to children on what kind of books they might like to take home. The Book Master was super nice and we talked for ages- i’m sure by now you all know that i could talk about books for hours!

Giving is just as important as receiving

West Orchards Shopping Centre is running a campaign encouraging people to read more, #readfor15 aims at getting people to read for at least 15 minutes a day.

They have had an honesty library- which i love and i emptied my piggy bank for Zoe’s Place so that i could take home some books. Not to mention donating a few duplicates i had on my shelves to add to the honesty library.

megan donating books

If you are in Coventry why not visit West Orchards Shopping Centre and take a look for yourselves.