Meeting Jeff Kinney at Bath Literature Festival

On the 3rd December this year, which actually feels like forever ago now, Jeff Kinney was in the UK to promote his new book The Getaway and of course i had to go!

This was my second experience of a Jeff Kinney event, last year it was held at Blackpool Tower which was really cool and you can read all about it here.

It was funny because the Blackpool Tower Ballroom is massive but it felt like a lot more people turned up to the Bath event, there were loads of us in there!

munchkin meggie megan g grace nicholson presents jeff kinney bath literature festival blog

The lovely Lindsey Russell presented the event which was really cool- she even took a selfie with the whole audience! That’s pretty impressive.

Jeff talked about his new book and showed us an incredible video of all the places that he has visited recently, there were a lot of them and every single one of them looked amazing! He’s been all over the world and he has fans in every corner of it too.

I loved how the event was put together, the way they used the idea of Greg’s family going away to create a really interactive experience.

Upon entry i was given my boarding pass to fly with Wimpy Kid Airways (admittance to the show) which was a superb idea, i felt connected to the book straight away. There were even luggage props and air plane security.

I didn’t manage to do all these things before the show mind you as the queue was extraordinary and i probably wouldn’t have seen them going in but the good thing about hanging around until everyone has left is getting the time to take everything in!

munchkin meggie megan g grace nicholson presents jeff kinney bath literature festival blog the getaway 8

The show was a great way to start the festive period, it was fun and entertaining, Jeff travels to so many places that the UK usually has one big annual event and it is well worth the trip, he is genuinely one of the nicest guys i have ever met!

He is truly very friendly and he always appears to appreciate his fans, he seems to really take his time with them which as his fans we all love. He was kind enough to sign my book and he’s the first author to sign my new WRD about books bag.

munchkin meggie megan g grace nicholson presents jeff kinney bath literature festival blog the getaway 7

Jeff was so nice in fact that he filmed a little interview with me. Yes, really! I was almost lost for words that he was so happy to do it, i thought i might have time to prepare and print up one of my cue cards but he was willing to let me interview him there and then, which when you think about it means a great deal to us fans because he has been none stop touring with his new book and had just spent the last few hours preparing for his talk on stage. If that’s not the nicest thing ever, i don’t know what is. What a legend!

munchkin meggie megan g grace nicholson presents jeff kinney bath literature festival blog the getaway 2

munchkin meggie presents megan g grace nicholson jeff kinney interview blog

If you want to know what The Getaway is all about, hear the first news on what’s next for The Wimpy Kid series and just see what an absolute gent Jeff Kinney is, watch the interview below.

Interviewing illustrator Ashley King

Recently i have been filming vlogs and i was not only lucky enough to meet illustrator Ashley King but also interview him for one of these vlogs.

Ashley is the illustrator of The Bookshop Girl and Erica’s Elephant. He studied at Coventry University and he is probably one of the nicest, genuinely, nicest people you could ever talk to. He also knows a thing or two about other books so he’s awesome to chat to.

megan and ashley

Ashley is a superb illustrator, his whimsical but heart felt images are beautiful and a real gem in any book! I look forward to following a long career in children’s book illustration.

You can find the vlog of our meeting below:

Thank you to Ashley King and Waterstone’s Coventry for letting me film this vlog.

I am NOT a bookworm Vlog

I visited Central Library in Coventry recently to initiate a augmented book review project spearheaded by James Cotton. The aim is to encourage children to watch recommendations for books by other children and try new books based on these suggestions.

I really hope it takes off as I think it’s a smashing idea!

If you attend a Coventry school you may be seeing my video soon to encourage you to take part in the project. 🙂

munchkin megan presents rehearsal

Central Library were kind enough to let me film a Vlog about reading and why i am NOT a bookworm.

I hope that you enjoy my vlog.